Knives out for O' Neil again after a piss poor team performance

Feb 9, 2021
IN 'ANOTHER PLACE' - THE CLUELESS TALK BULLSHIT AGAIN. To my eyes, - Michael O' Neil has done in two years what I honestly thought would take 4 or 5 years to unravel and yet, he's got Stoke jousting with the playoffs. Sadly, he's simply run out of players and has his hands tied firmly behind his back by FFP - and yet seemingly, there are many vocal 'fans' who want rid ??

I would firmly lay the blame for that defeat at the players feet - Derby were hungry - wanted it more, ours looked like they hadn't played for a fortnight. ( which is true) and in mitigation - try having mild flu like virus symptoms for a few days and then, run around like a set of mad bastards - as if you are trying to complete in a ruthless professional sport - see how you lot do !

[Be fun to watch these so called football experts breathing out of their own arses after 5 - 10 minutes or so[

Makes me very angry very upset.

Yes, his substitutions are made usually -15 20 minutes too late - he's loathe to change formation - but he's stuck with a limited number of limited players so, amongst all the faults a manager can have, this is relatively minor and , pretty common to most managers at this level .

For those supporters with what I call 'goldfish memory capacity', He's turned around a financially wrecked complete and utter relegation bound basket case into, upper quartile again and I say patience - because this man really knows what he's doing - in fact I would contend Harry Houdini would bear comparison.

So into the new year, I say to those doubters - be a little more grateful and gracious toward what we have managing our club

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